Etch Coatings has the capacity to handle all over-size objects that many other powder coaters can’t with an overhead rail system that can handle 2 tonnes in weight and a length of 9 meters.  The Etch Coatings oven is one of the biggest in WA which enables us to powder coat 9 meters in length and 2.9 meters in height – there isn’t much we can’t handle. Plus, the Etch Coatings spray booth is one of few booths in WA that enables us to apply wet paint  and the water filtration system complies with all EPA regulations. These unique capabilities set us apart from many other Powder Coating companies in Perth.

Description of processes and equipment

  • max weight 1000kg
  • spray booth 300x1500x9200 with water wall extraction system
  • 7 stage pre-treatment
  • oven size 9200x3000x3000
  • blast room 6500x6000x2700
  • over head rail system


Etch Coatings provides a 7 stage pre-treatment system which complies with industry standards. Whether your product requires chemical pre-treatment or abrasive blasting we do what is required to achieve maximum life of your coating… learn more


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