What Is Sandblasting ? 

Sandblasting is a process to remove rust and old, faded surface paint to reveal a superior surface finish ready for powder coating or painting. As part of the pre-treatment service here at Etch, sandblasting enables us to  achieve maximum adhesion to any substrate prior to applying  powder coating or protective coating. Contrary to what many people think, sandblasting requires a highly skilled technque to ensure it is done correctly. 

Our Highly Trained Staff

Since setting up our purpose built facility in 2015, Etch Coatings has become one of Perths top sandblasting companies. We offer superior quality workmanship in our large Wangara facility and our highly qualified team ensures all work is done to the strictest standards.

sandblasting perth

By using only the highest  grade of garnet we ensure an incredible surface finish ready for painting or powder coating. We specialise in both Residential and Commercial applications and have the expertise to provide custom solutions for all markets including Industrial and Automotive. No job is too big or too small!
We also offer site painting & sandblasting, and our purpose built mobile unit enables us to work anywhere in WA.  Our Nace 1 qualified paint inspector can provide comprehensive paint inspection and consultation, ensuring the most ideal protection possible. 

Internal and External Pipe Blasting

Etch Coatings specialises and has all the necessary equipment to perform internal and external pipe blasting to the highest standards. This service can be done on site or at our Wangara factory.

Sandblasting technology

Sandblasting / Abrasive blasting is an effective process to remove paint, clean steel, and prepare surfaces prior to protective coating to ensure maximum adhesion. Blasting the surface is a process similar to the grinding process, except that after the blasting, a much more consistent profile/surface will be achieved. Sandblasting is a great process to for hard to reach crevices. We provide expert sandblasting in our Wangara based facility due to our large size blast room – see dimensions below.

Abrasives we use for blasting

Etch coatings specialises in refurbishing all of the items below:

The maximum dimensions of the blasted elements:

3000 x 5000 x 6000

For more information about our blast room click below.

If we can’t blast your product in our facility we offer an on-site mobile blasting service.