Epoxy Floor Coatings

For many reasons, Epoxy Floor Coating is the ideal option for both Commercial and Residential needs. It provides a seamless, non-porous coating which leaves no place for dirt or mould to hide.

Here at Etch Coatings, we pride ourselves in our exceptional workmanship and ensure that we customise the correct application for our customer’s requirements. Whether it is for a Residential garage floor, alfresco or kitchen, Commercial workshop, factory or industrial site we have the capacity to fulfil all requirements both big and small.

Low Maintenance, easy to clean and long lasting – the perfect solution!

Etch Coatings provide Epoxy Coatings that are :

  1. Strong – Epoxy coating is an extremely strong option and prevents chemical breakdown.
  2. Durable – floors last longer and are low maintenance.
  3. Saves Time – Quick and easy to install meaning less down time and the perfect option to cover your exiting floor.
  4. Easy to clean – Once sealed the concrete or other material is much easier to clean than before.
  5. Chemical Resistant – This makes it perfect for warehouses or factories exposed to such materials.
  6. Safe – As the coating is slip, temperature and fire resistant this increases the safety in your home or commercial building
  7. Bright – If a high gloss option is used this increases the lighting in your building due to reflection.
  8. Lowers vehicle maintenance – Choosing an epoxy coating can reduce wear on vehicles in your facility because it is more forgiving on machinery.
  9. Helps the environment – Epoxy coatings are a green option for your business because of the reduction in material usage. It is a great alternative to adding on a completely new floor or replacing vehicles due to damage.

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